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Hey guys! I wanted to make a blog post to recap my experience participating in The Shoot & Share contest for the very first time and share my results with you! To provide some context, the contest started with 332,768 photos submitted into 25 categories. Over 104,3784 people have voted from 141 different countries, and […]

On an exceptionally lovely crisp autumn day, I was driving in the country. Cool air brushed my cheeks as I gazed out of my rolled down windows. I came upon what looked like a field of snow, my eyes were mesmerized by the light softly illuminating the little cotton fluffs. Through that car window, my imagination soared. You know, […]

I had a vision for this shoot and it was so cool to see it come to life! I can’t thank the vendor team enough for knocking it out of the park. Enjoy! xoxo Em

Friday introductions: Hey there, my name is Emily Nicole Watkins, as you already know, I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer. But I am also a student at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, I am pursuing two degrees in business finance and business marketing with a minor in graphic design. The other day I came across […]

The other day the weather was absolutely beautiful, we could not pass up the perfect opportunity to take our engagements photos! Talon and his dad restored this awesome pick-up when he was in high school, the truck is very special and I thought it would be a great prop for some of our pics. I’m […]

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