Tips on What to Wear To Engagement Session

Tips on What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Excited for your upcoming engagement session or shoot but not sure about what would look best in camera? Don’t worry I got you boo! Below are some tips on what to wear and what not to wear! Throw your anxiety out the window and get ready to absolutely rock your shoot.


Long or mid knee length dresses photograph well. Look for a dress that highlights your beautiful curves and covers up any areas you feel are “problem” areas.

PRO-TIP: I incorporate a lot of movement in my images so if you think the dress you want to wear might be a little short if you lift your arms, try adding leggings or tights.

Wear clothes that are naturally flattering.

Pick something that fits well; if it’s too tight, the photos can have unflattering bulges, and if it’s one of those loose, trendy garments, it may look flowy and awesome in person, but it could actually make you look larger than you really are.

Here are some other ways to wear clothes that naturally make you look your best:

  • Darker colors are more slimming on camera.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes, as they are known for making people look larger than they really are. Opt for vertical stripes, which are slimming, instead.
  • Avoid boxy clothes that fall away from your body and widen you visually, and pick a tailored outfit instead, Accentuate your waist with a belt or dress with a cinched waist.
  • Don’t wear clothes with elaborate details around your “problem areas”. If you have a dress with elaborate details around the stomach area and that’s the part you want to hide, this will only emphasize the area further. In general, patterned clothes tend to make people look bigger than solid colors.
  • Wearing some shapewear won’t hurt.

Try Solids

Solid colors photograph best, however if you have a pattern you love that’s okay just check with me to make sure it will look good in camera. When pairing outfits with your fiancé, you want to be sure that you aren’t overly pattern happy and/or are wearing clashing patterns. Keep in mind that patterns can be very distracting, you what the focus of your images to be on you guys not the pattern of your shirt.

Accessories are awesome….so are layers.

Start with your base layer of clothing – your solid colored dress, a solid colored top and jeans and then add layers of texture and accessories. Add a textured short jacket or blazer, add a floral scarf, add a chunky necklace and bracelets or a headband. Don’t forget to pay attention to your feet. A cute pair of shoes can make the outfit but it may be appropriate to go barefoot depending on your location.

PRO-TIP: If you aren’t particularly crazy about the way your arms look, try wearing a dress or shirt with sleeves or layering with a jacket, kimono, sweater.

Choose your color palette

There are lots of factors to consider when you are planning your colors but first and foremost choose a palette you like. Keep in mind the location of the shoot and the colors of the background. Colors such as deep blues, sea foam and mint photograph well on the beach but may not look as natural in a park setting. The time of year that you are having your photographs taken may also influence the colors you choose. Other questions to ask yourself: Do you want to use the photos for any particular reason? Are you alright with wearing orange because it’s fall and then have that canvas on your wall year round?

Coordinating colors not matching.

Pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in this color scheme.

Avoid the all jeans and black/white t-shirt look.

While a white t-shirt is classic you can sometimes end up seeing more than you intended in your photos.

What to Bring?

I encourage you to bring anything that will make your session more personalized to you. It could be a hat, a flower crown, a quilt or blanket to sit on.
Maybe a wooden chair or a little couch.
** p.s. you don’t have to bring anything but your self! 😉


Tips on What to Wear To Engagement Session