My Humans are getting married!

“So I originally thought Andy was crazy for wanting Aspen to be at our wedding but I decided to go along with it… and I’m so glad I did! Our pictures with her ended up being some of my favorites! We had a guest’s daughter bring her to the wedding and at the end of the ceremony, she brought Aspen to us and my heart was so happy to have just said “I Do” and have our little family all together!”


A few tips for brides:

“Designate someone to be in charge of your pup for the day including driving them to and from the wedding, keeping them behaved, etc. so it is not something you have to stress about!

Our dog is very hyperactive so our florist suggested using fake flowers on a collar for her instead of real ones which would have quickly fallen apart with all the running she does!

I would have loved for Aspen to walk down the aisle and be apart of our ceremony but she is very excitable and active, so we just had the dog helper bring her out for photos after the ceremony and it was perfect!”

– Dayton Murphy

Baby Quinn tagged along with Morgan and Michael to help make some sweet memories!

Emily and Nick also brought their sweet pup Maeby to their wedding during their first look!

“Having Snyder (our golden retriever) as a part of our day is one of my favorite memories of the whole weekend. We decided to have her present for some of our first look pictures since we couldn’t have her in the ceremony or anything because we were in a church. She is a big part of our relationship together as Matt got her while we were dating, per my obsession, so we knew she had to be present somehow!! Mind you, she is very well behaved when Matt has any say to the matter, so we knew taking pictures wouldn’t be too dicey. My only worry was her jumping on my dress, but I also knew Matt would have his steady grip on her ready.

We had my brothers girlfriend bring Snyder in her car just in time for the first look (to take her back home afterward before the ceremony), and Emily walked her up to us on the leash until we told her she could let her off. She ran right up to us, posed for several pictures, and did so perfectly!!! We were on brick in a covered area, so I know grass may be different for people. She sniffed my flowers, licked our faces just enough to get cute pictures, and held her perfect posture & gaze for the rest. (Emily was holding a tennis ball in the air behind the camera to get Snyder to look, and I’d say she did amazing). Her little paws and stance just kill me!!

Having her at the first look was a perfect amount of time and exposure for us and our sweet pup without too much commotion. We had 15 minutes or so by ourselves and brought her in for the last 10 or so. Wouldn’t change a thing!”

-Katie Turner