JolieAnn and Andrew’s Wedding day

Their winter wedding took place at the Grand Ivory Venue in Leonard, Texas

The Grand Ivory Venue

The Grand Ivory Venue in Leonard, Texas

Featured Vendors: photography: Emily Nicole Photo | venue: The Grand Ivory | catering: La Colina Catering | cake: I Love Cakes | makeup: Parker White | flowers: Molly McSpedden | hair: Ann Marrow | linens: AM Linen Rentals | wedding coordinator: Jeannie Naylor | DJ: DJ Fulkrum

A little bit of backstory from the bride: Andrew and I met while we were both in college at Dallas Baptist University. We ended up in the same friend group, and remained friends for several years. We hung out with the same group of friends, and both went to the same church even after we both graduated DBU. One day we ended up hanging out alone, and to my surprise, it wasn’t awkward or weird at all. That was probably the first time I thought to myself, “what if we were to become more than friends”. A few months later we ended up being paired with each other as “dates” to a friend’s wedding. That is the night everything changed for me. From that point on we communicated more, and began to hangout more consistently, and often by ourselves. Then in June of 2017, he finally asked me, “what if we were more than just friends?,” and asked me out on a date. I was so excited! At this point we had been friends for about 4 years. Once we started dating we both realized pretty quickly that we would like to spend our lives together 🙂
The dresses for the wedding described by the bride: For the bridesmaids dresses, I opted for them to pick a style that would look best on them, but wanted them to be teal blue since that has been one of my favorite colors for a long time. For the wedding dress I was going for a simple yet elegant look, and loved the satin for the December wedding. My favorite part of the dress was the pockets!!
Q: What was the style vision and color palette for your wedding?

A: or the wedding our color palette included a teal blue with accents of grey, navy, and silver. We wanted it to look slightly rustic, but still elegant. Grand Ivory was the perfect place for that type of look.  I have very simple but particular taste, so everything was based off of that fact.

         Q: What were your flowers like?

A: Our flowers were beautiful but simple, we opted for eucalyptus/greenery for the tables and on the cake. For my bouquet, I wanted to bring out the blue from the bridesmaid dresses, and for it to look wintry. My florist was amazing, and perfectly executed our vision!

Q: What was your favorite part of your big day?

A: My favorite memory of the day is so hard to pick! I loved every part of it! Overall I think the biggest thing for me was just how loved and appreciated I felt all day. Not only from Andrew, but just from having all of our people in one place being there to support us on our new journey!

Advice from the bride:

My advice would be to make sure you have time to enjoy your day with your favorite people. Don’t stress about the details, they won’t matter after the wedding! And try to have a crew of either friends or a paid company that will set up the venue for you! You shouldn’t have to stress about that on the big day!