Engagement Picture Locations in Oklahoma City

Have you been searching for a place in the Oklahoma City area to take you engagement photos? Below are several different prime spots for some engagement photos that can help show off you and your fiancés style. All the way from gardens, to bridges and cute coffee shops, I’ve got you covered! 😉

1) Midtown

Midtown Oklahoma is full of so many options to have a shoot, including restaurants, stores, and old buildings. Kaiser’s Ice Cream Shop is also located in Midtown, complete with outdoor seating and awnings over the doors. This shop’s florescent lights and checkered floors will make you want to get a milkshake and hang out with your man for awhile!

2) Automobile Alley

Automobile Alley is full of culture, street signs, restaurants, and shops. Devon tower and the rest of the Oklahoma City skyline can be seen from Automobile Alley. Graffiti walls are also abundant in this area, and will add a great pop of color to your pictures! If you’re looking for some cute street pictures with old fashioned store signs and old buildings, this is the perfect place for you. Take a day to take some engagement pictures, grab a bite to eat and shop around with the one you love!


If you’ve ever been to Oklahoma City, you’ve probably visited the Bricktown Area. This part of OKC is such a popular place in the area, and for a good reason! It has everything from ice skating in the winter, to cute shops and restaurants, all the way to the beautiful Riverwalk running through the middle of it all. There are so many optional locations in this area, that you’ll probably find a place that both you and your man LOVE! Taking some cute pictures here could even turn into a date night walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds of Bricktown at night.

4) Skydance Bridge

This bridge has a beautiful structure built in that is meant to represent the Oklahoma state bird; the scissortail flycatcher. Running over Interstate 40, it lights up at night and adds to the beauty. The lights change based on the holiday, and you can even customize the color of the lighting! From certain angles on this bridge, the background of your pictures could show the Oklahoma City skyline, including the Devon tower and a few other buildings. If you are looking for some pictures that have more of a modern vibe, this place is a great option to go check out!

5) Wheeler Ferris Wheel

This fairly new Oklahoma City location has become a HUGE hit when it comes to taking pictures! The Wheeler District itself is full of culture, restaurants, and unique shops, all around the main attraction: the Wheeler Ferris Wheel. The large OKC white lettering in front as well as the wheel itself are both great opportunities for some fun and lovey pictures with your fiancé! If thinking about sunset pictures with your man on a Ferris wheel get you all excited, this location would be perfect!

6)Lake Hefner

Lake Hefner is a great place for some engagement pics in nature. There are many birds that live in this area, and boats scattered on the water during the day. On the edge of the lake is Bird Watcher’s Treasure; a beautiful lighthouse surrounded by rocks, and complete with a wooden bench at the bottom. This lake has several good opportunities for pictures: by some large rocks close to the water, next to the lighthouse, and even by the lake at sunset or sunrise! Lake Hefner is a great place to take some romantic and fun pictures while enjoying your day outside in the sun.

7) Rooftop View Oklahoma City Skyline

Now, of course you can’t get this kind of shot from the ground in most areas, so the best idea is to go up! Find a parking garage that is outside the city where the whole skyline visible, and get some perfect shots with Oklahoma City in the Back! Another great place to get these money shots are on top of the Ambassador Hotel at the O Bar. This is a great way to get some romantic pictures while showing off the beautiful Oklahoma City Skyline in the back.

8) Rooftop View Among the Oklahoma City Skyline

Even though it may not sound like it, this is a different location than the one before! Shooting some pictures in the middle of the city will add some close up structures in the background, while providing several more angle options since you are surrounded by buildings! The Santa Fe Parking Garage in downtown OKC is one of the options for a place to get these pics, but there are a few more that would work as well! If you’re a sucker for some city sunset pictures, this option would be a great one for you and your fiancé!

9) Will Rogers Gardens

The Will Rogers Garden in Oklahoma City has SO many bomb places to take pictures! There is a small waterfall, surrounded by an abundance of plants and flowers, along with multiple wooden bridges to capture some sweet moments. The gardens even have a small pond, adding even more to such a pretty area! And towards the middle, a large fountain helps tie the whole scene together. The Will Rogers Garden is a perfect place to get some bright, springtime pictures before your big wedding day!

10)Will Rogers Greenhouse

This greenhouse located near the Will Rogers Garden can also serve as a venue for weddings, but it makes for some awesome engagement pics as well. Beautiful doors are located on the sides of the building, and lots of natural light comes in through the windows of the greenhouse, which is always a plus when pictures are being taken! The greenhouse has some gorgeous plants surrounding it most of the year; adding some touches of color with the white window frames of the building.

11) Downtown Guthrie/ Hoboken Coffee Roasters

Hoboken Coffee Roasters was started by a married couple who wanted to share their love of coffee with other people. The inside gives off an old fashioned, rustic feel. The outside seating area has lights hanging above, as well as some cute chairs to sit in. If you and your man are obsessed with coffee, what better way to celebrate your engagement by drinking coffee together and taking some sweet pictures?\

12) Coffee Slingers Roasters

Another great place to go if you’re looking for some laid back, cuddly coffee pics is Coffee Slingers in Oklahoma City! Located on Broadway Ave, this little coffee house has an outdoor seating area, as well as plenty of windows in the front that let in all that natural light. The inside is a little closer to a modern style, but is complete with a light up neon sign!

13) Leaf & Bean

By this point, y ‘all know that coffee shops are popular spots to grab some sweet and relaxed engagement pictures with your love, and Leaf + Bean is one of those options! This small coffee house has classic options but is also known for having some flavors that will make you jump outside of your comfort zone! The inside of this coffee house has couches and chairs that give off a modern look, as well as large windows that provide most of the light for the building. Leaf + Bean is a great place to come with your fiancé to take some cozy engagement pictures and try some new flavors!

15) Civic Center Music Hall/Bicentennial Park

This gorgeous music hall in Oklahoma City has a large yard around the building, including lots of grass and trees to add pops of color to the gray building. Just a short walk away is the Bicentennial Park, which is FULL of awesome places for your pics! From simple, sweet pictures walking down the sidewalk together, to some epic fountain shots, this place has got you covered!

16) Myriad Botanical Gardens (Crystal Bridge)

The Myriad Botanical Gardens is located in the Bricktown Oklahoma City Area, along with the Crystal Bridge in the middle of the gardens. The stone staircase dotted with various flowers and plants leads down to part of the Riverwalk. A beautiful waterfall surrounded by rocks is by these stairs, and the gardens provide so many different flowers and plants to take pictures in front of, from tall trees to bushes and patches of flowers. The Crystal Bridge stretches over the Riverwalk, and almost feels like a magical place to take pictures!

17) Frontline Church Oklahoma City Steps

Frontline, with its large columns and cement steps is wonderful place to have your pictures taken. Located in Oklahoma City, this beautiful, old fashioned church adds a classic touch as well as a neutral background to work with, making skin tones and colors pop! The staircase and rails add to the overall feel, and the columns and cement seats throw in another perfect touch to this location.

Photo by EmilyNicolePhoto (www.emilynicolephoto.com)

Photo by EmilyNicolePhoto (www.emilynicolephoto.com)