Tips on how to include your dog in your session

So you’re engaged and want to include your furriest member of the family but not quite sure how to go about it? Here’s some advice from my past brides and how they included their furbaby.

Sterling brought her blind rescue dog, Ty, to her bridal portrait session;

“I got the note from Emily to include something special about myself during my bridal portraits. I had seen women on Pinterest including their fandoms, like Harry Potter, or a momento from their family history. It was a no brainer that I wanted to include my blind rescue dog, Tiresias (Ty). My husband, Aaron, was by my side when we first found Ty in the parking lot of my college apartment. We made jokes throughout he engagement that Ty was finally going to get a dad. Ty was such a support to me during difficult times, I wanted Emily to be able to capture that special love. And she did!

For my bridal portraits, I brought my mom and my bridesmaid, Alex. Alex was on Ty duty. Since we were in a woodsy area, she held Ty to make sure he didn’t get dirty or grass stuck in his beard. Ty was such a ham for the camera the photos turned out wonderful! He’s very cuddly and affectionate. Alex was also helpful in getting Ty to look towards the camera with his squeaky toy.

I’m so glad I included my little man in these special memories. And my husband loved the portraits, too!

While my venue WAS pet friendly, I chose not to bring Ty to the ceremony or reception. I felt that, I didn’t want to put anyone in charge of keeping an eye on him. I wanted everyone to just enjoy the reception. I didn’t feel it would be fair to have him walk down the aisle and then stay in a kennel for several hours during the reception. My mom did arrange for one of my portraits with Ty to be displayed at the venue, so he was there in spirit! My friends, who know Ty very well LOVED that little detail!

I would encourage all brides to include their fur friends when they can! Your memories will be that much more special!

Below are some couples who decided to include their puppers to share their engagement session:

Natalie shared what it was like to have her sweet dog with her for such a special moment!

“The way people talk about their children is the way I feel about Molly so I knew I had to incorporate her into the wedding somehow. I was nervous about having her in the pictures because I didn’t know how they’d turn out but they are beyond perfect. We got the sweetest candid shots and already have them framed in our house. My biggest advice is to get them groomed before and if they get car sick, make sure you bring a towel along!

A little bit from Gaby about taking pictures with her puppy:

“Whenever I booked my husband and I’s anniversary session with Emily Nicole Photo, I *knew* I wanted some with my dog, Leia! She was just under 2 years old at the time, and very much so in the “hyper puppy” stage. We knew she’d be a little anxious being in a new place, so we made sure to arrive about 15 minutes early so that she could sniff around and have ample time to get comfortable. We also brought along her favorite treats and toys to get her attention during pictures! Since it was an anniversary session, my husband and I also wanted some pictures of just the two of us. Because of that, we brought along a friend to help hold Leia’s leash, and that definitely helped ease some of the stress of trying to keep track of her while having our pictures taken! Emily was so patient with Leia and us, and now I have SO many favorites of my little family!”

Enjoy these precious pics of Lauren and Adam with their furry friends:

Hailey and Christian brought along Khai and June!