10 Date Ideas in the Oklahoma City Area


Oklahoma City Date Nights!!

Oklahoma City is full of unique and awesome places, waiting to be tried out! If you and your man need to try out a new restaurant, or just want something fun to do, some of these ideas may be perfect for you!


1) The Bricktown Water Taxi

Location: Bricktown, Mickey Mantle Drive

This water taxi takes a route around down town Oklahoma City, giving you the opportunity to see almost all of the sites in Bricktown, including the Bricktown Ballpark , The Devon Tower, and even pass a beautiful fountain. In the summer, it runs until midnight, which gives the chance to see the lively city lit up at night!




2) Capitals Ice Cream


Location: Midtown, OKC

Looking for a cute place to go get dessert or an excuse to walk around Midtown? Capitals Ice Cream has you covered! This small ice cream shop is packed full of crazy ice cream flavors, form salted caramel all the way to Lucky Charms. So go get some dinner on your date, and then step out of your comfort zone and try some crazy ice cream, or just go for some plain vanilla!



3) Wheeler Ferris Wheel


Location: 1701 S. Western Ave. OKC

This fairly new attraction has become popular, and it is the perfect place to spend time with your loved one! This huge Ferris wheel is beautiful, and is equipped with lights at night, making the experience even more memorable! In front of the Ferris wheel, there is a large, white OKC in block letters set up, making perfect photo opportunities to document the special night!



4) Vast


Location: Devon Tower, Downtown OKC

For those special nights celebrating birthdays, big milestones, and anniversaries, Vast is the perfect place to go. Even if you and your guy are just looking for a reason to get dressed up and go out, Vast still has you covered. Sitting at the 49th of the Devon Tower, looking out into the city lights, and talking to your person would make for a perfect romantic night on the town!


5) Top Golf


Location: 13313 Pawnee Dr. , OKC

Top Golf is a great place to go when you’re looking for a change of pace, and want to let loose and have some fun! You can hit some golf balls for fun and laugh and joke with your fiancé! Complete with 100 hitting bays and full restaurant and bar, Top Golf can take care of the dinner and the entertainment in one stop.


6) The Halls Pizza Kitchen


Location: Midtown, OKC


Hall’s Kitchen is a family tradition that turned into a popular restaurant in Midtown. Full of great pizza and salad, this cute pizza place will have you planning your next visit. If you’re just looking for a laid back night with your partner and some yummy food, Hall’s pizza is a great place to try out together!


7) GORO Ramen


Location: Plaza District OKC


If you’re getting tired of you usual places and want to try some exciting new food, GORO Ramen is a perfect place to start! Not only does this place have tons of different soups and noodles, but they are known for their ‘innovated and well curated menu’ as well. Another thing that people show up for are the snacks made by the chefs, which are inspired by Japanese flavors, combined with the chef’s own creations.


8) OKC Thunder Game


Location: Chesapeake Arena, Bricktown OKC

All couples bond over different hobbies and interests, so if you and your partner are the type that get SO excited at a ball game, taking a night to go see the OKC Thunder is perfect for you! Grabbing some popcorn and sitting in the stands cheering on your local team is an awesome way to bond over something that you guys love. Take advantage of having an NBA team so close and go cheer on your OKC Thunder!


9) Oklahoma City Museum of Art


Location: 415 Couch Drive, OKC

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is full of all kinds of artforms, from paintings to sculptures, and new tours with art switching in and out. If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing night, this museum has your name all over it! Walking through the hallways, pointing out your favorite pieces and talking together is a great way to end the day or spend an afternoon before dinner.


10)Myriad Botanical Gardens


Location: 301 W. Reno, OKC

These beautiful gardens hold weddings, mornings with yoga, and it could be the place for your next date! The gardens are full of flowers and greenery, running beside the river walk. The Crystal Bridge is also a well known part of the Botanical Gardens. You and your fiancé can walk along the bridge and talk, or even bring a picnic and sit outside together and enjoy the scenery!