THE SPRINGS in Weatherford, Westwood Hall


Mallory and Tanner’s wedding day

Their wedding took place at The Springs in Weatherford Westwood Hall located in Weatherford, Texas.

THE SPRINGS in Weatherford, Westwood Hall

From Mallory, “It all started when I was 16 and he was 17 back in 2011. We were introduced by our family originally a few years before and one day we went to a benefit for one of his friends and he got my number. Honestly, it was history since then. We always had so much fun and he always knew how to make me laugh. As our relationship progressed we got “serious” pretty quick as he was going off to college to play baseball right at a year of dating. That was such a special time in our relationship because long distance is tough and I felt we handled it so well. A year after that I went to college to play volleyball at the same school and living in the same town for the first time ever was amazing and going to school together was one of my favorite parts of our relationship. We grew as a couple and really grew our spiritual relationship with God as well. After we both graduated engagement came. Let’s just say he nailed it and I was completely surprised by that and by our surprised engagement party (everyone thought they were coming for my dads birthday or my graduation party. He told very minimal people because he wanted it to be a complete surprise.) We were engaged for a year and a half, started new jobs and both finished our Masters Degree before our best day EVER.”

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Greatest Love Story by LANCO

“If I could give ANY advice to future brides it would be to just breathe and enjoy the whole day. Take it all in and don’t worry about the little things. Make sure to take a second at your reception to take it all in and look around at all the people that came to celebrate y’all on your most special day!”

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

“My “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” was all set up by my Maid of Honor, Morgan. My mom gave me my “something old” and it was a bow from her wedding dress back in 1988 this was so special to me because her and my dad have had such an amazing marriage that I look up to. My “something new” was given to me by my now mother-in-law and it was charms on a ribbon to go on my bouquet of pictures of the most special people to me who have passed on. My Granny and Papa Bayer, Nana and Grandad, Tanners Nana, and our Aunt Kim. My “something borrowed” was given to me by my Aunt. She gave me my Aunt Kim’s ring who has passed on from her battle with cancer. We had a very special bond. Lastly, my something blue was given to me by my best friend and maid of honor Morgan. She gave me a blue “God is Big Enough” bracelet to always to remember to keep God in the center of our relationship.”

“My favorite memory of the day was walking up to him at the altar. I felt a flood of emotions come over me all at once and I could have seriously ran down the aisle to him! We had been dating almost 7 years and I could not wait to put that ring on his finger, look him in the eyes and say I DO! When we were up there I felt as if it were just him and I and no one else. It was amazing to be pronounced husband and wife!”


Venue: THE SPRINGS in Weatherford // Catering: Vintage Grill // Flowers: Cody Fountain (Fountain Designs) // Cake: Donna Hamer (Your Cake Design) // DJ: Derick Abram (DJ Astronaut) // Day of Wedding Coordinator: Kendall Elkins // Makeup artist: Mauro Mendoza and Stephanie Esquivel // Hairstylist: Tammy Goldsmith and Katelyn Young // Wedding Dress: Bliss Bridal/Essence // Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal // Jeweler for rings: Diamond Cutters International // Wedding Décor rentals- Chandler Banas (Authentic Events Co.) // Guest Book- Easton Walker Woodworks // Videographer: Graysen Cuummings (little gray films company) // Photography: All photos by North Texas Wedding Photographer Emily Nicole Photo