Kodi + JD { Blissfully Betrothed } White Dog Hill Engagement Session



Photo by EmilyNicolePhoto (www.emilynicolephoto.com)

Meet Kodi & JD!
I had the joy of photographing their proposal in the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Here is Kodi’s perspective of the proposal “After being sick all night I finally sucked it up and got ready for dinner. After dinner I insisted we just go straight home bc I felt like crap but he wanted to walk around so I said ok. Coughing up a lung the whole time he finally stopped me and pulled out a set of pictures of us and all our “first”. Then he pulled some more pictures and the last four were of my brothers holding up “will you marry me?!” I looked up to him on one knee! Then I look over and see Emily taking pictures! By far the happiest day of my life! Then we go home to all of our family waiting at the house!”

 JD is so sweet & thoughtful for his bride to be. I love their proposal story! During their engagement session we had a blast, these two know how to be sweet and silly. I have so many favorites from their session! The weather was perfect, the light was perfect, and the couple absolutely perfect. I cant wait for their wedding in December.

xoxo Em

Song:  “Lovers Eyes” by Mumford and Sons

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Photo by EmilyNicolePhoto (www.emilynicolephoto.com)