Coleton | Senior



Coleton Vick is a Senior at Liberty Christian School, Class of 2015. This shoot made it real to me that my little brother isn’t so little anymore. (over half these pictures were taken me standing on a stool lol) It is a rare occasion if Coleton isn’t playing, talking about, or watching soccer. Growing up, soccer has always been that bond that we’ve shared.  Cole, you have so much talent and potential, you can be whatever you put your mind to. I am excited for you in the next chapter of life. I pray that you would be able to discern God’s voice as he is leading you in the direction you should go. That you can rest easy for your creator has you in the palm of his hand, but don’t rest too easy cause you still gotta get that diploma 😉 We are all proud of you and behind you 100%

Anyways have fun this year, be a leader, and make an impact.

Love you little brother,


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